Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Program Costs

Bariatric Program Costs

This table shows an example of our Bariatric Program costs for a standard primary Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure including the initial assessment and for the first 12 months after surgery.

  • It is mandatory to complete a full Bariatric Assessment before we can offer any Bariatric Surgery.
  • For optimal results and safety you must be prepared to attend regular follow up visits including nutritional assessments.
Visit Fee Rebate
Initial Consultation – Surgeon $250 $72.75
Bariatric Assessor $210 $103.50
Dietitian $180 #
Gastroscopy Covered by Medicare and your Private Health Fund Full amount paid direct to Surgeon
Second Consultation – Surgeon $180 $36.55
Standard Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (Item 31575) $3500 Gap amount + $849.55 Schedule Fee $849.55
Dietitian (2 weeks) $90 #
(4 weeks)
First routine post-op visit included in surgery fee $0
Dietitian (6 weeks) $90 #
Bariatric Assessor (3 months) $65 $36.30
(6 months)
$90 $36.55
Bariatric Assessor (12 months) $65 $36.30
(12 months)
$90 #
TOTAL $5409.55 $1135.20

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Initial Consultation Includes Portion Perfection Book, Plate and Bowl
  2. All Consultation Fees are payable at the time of consultation
  3. We can submit your medicare rebates electronically to allow prompt payment by direct deposit
  4. The Surgeons fee for Gastroscopy varies and is fully covered by your Heath Fund
  5. The Bariatric Assessor may recommend additional investigations and referral to other specialists if you have any medical conditions that require management before surgery can be performed.
  6. The Surgery Fee includes both the Surgeon and the Surgical Assistant
  7. The Surgery Fee is payable upfront in full and due one week before your procedure is scheduled. If this is not paid your procedure will be cancelled.
  8. You will be able to claim the rebate amount for your Surgery Fee after the operation.
  9. If any re-operation or subsequent procedure for a complication related to the original weight loss procedure is required then no additional out-of-pocket gap will be applied for the Surgeon and the Surgical Assistant.
  10. A gap fee of $4500 for the Surgeon and Surgical Assistant will apply for revisional surgery where another Surgeon has performed your original procedure.
  11. This does not include fees payable to the hospital which includes any excess payable depending on your Private Health Insurance Policy and any extra hospital services.
  12. This does not include any fees charged by your Anaesthetist. At the time of booking you will receive the name and office contact details for the Anaesthetist. You should request a quote for their services which may include an out-of-pocket gap amount.
  13. This does not include any fees payable to third party providers which includes other Doctors, Pathology, Radiology, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy etc.
  14. This does not include the costs of any medications, nutritional supplements or meal replacements (Optifast) that are recommended.
  15. In the event of unexpected circumstances it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services which may result in further charges to you.
  16. This estimate is applicable only to patients covered by Medicare and with a Private Health Insurance policy including full hospital cover for Bariatric Surgery. Please verify this with your Health Fund before booking any surgery?
  17. It is recommended that patients maintain their Private Health Insurance after surgery to enable comprehensive aftercare should any further procedures be required.
  18. This example is an estimate only and changes may apply without notice.
  19. Other conditions and limitations may apply.

Additional Rebates

# Additional rebates for Dietitian services may apply if your GP has arranged a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements. This needs to be arranged with your GP before dieticians appointment(s).

# Additional rebates for Dietitians services may apply depending on your Private Health Insurance Extras Cover. Contact your insurance for more information.

Additional medicare benefits may apply once you reach a Medicare Safety Net threshold. Contact Medicare for more details.

A tax offset may apply for net medical expenses over the threshold amount. Visit the Australian Tax Offset Website www.ato.gov.au or speak wit your accountant for more information.

Other Financing Options

Mediplan Healthcare Finance is a flexible funding plan specifically designed for the payment of dental and medical treatment. You should discuss your own personal situation with your accountant or financial advisor and carefully consider the additional interest charges and your ability to make repayments before committing to any contracts.

Early Release of Superannuation

You may be eligible for early release of superannuation on specified compassionate grounds to pay for medical treatment. Specific conditions apply.

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