Weight Loss Surgery

Costs of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

Costs of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

The costs of having bariatric and metabolic surgery come from a number of different sources:

  1. Hospital charges for inpatient bed stay or day procedure unit facilities
  2. Hospital charges for operating theatre or endoscopy suite session including any equipment and consumables used
  3. Professional fees of the Surgeon and their Surgical Assistant
  4. Professional fees of the Anaesthetist
  5. Radiology fees for any X-rays or scans that may be required
  6. Pathology fees for blood tests and specimens
  7. Pharmacy fees for medications

Patients with Private Health Insurance

If you have full hospital cover that includes bariatric surgery, most hospital and equipment charges are usually covered. Depending on your policy, there may be an excess amount payable to the hospital. You should check with your insurance company in advance whether you are covered for these procedures.

Anaesthetists are independent practitioners and determine their own fees which depend on multiple factors. You will be given your Anaesthetists contact details at the time of booking so you may contact their office and obtain a quote for their services.

Our current pricing for Bariatric and Metabolic procedures includes the following out-of-pocket fees covering the Surgeon and Surgical Assistant as shown below.

Procedure Item Out of Pocket (Surgeon & Assistant)
Sleeve Gastrectomy 31575 $3500
Gastric Bypass 31572 $4000
Removal Gastric Band 31584 0
Revision Surgery # $4800
Endobarrier ## $1000

* This is an estimate only and may vary depending on multiple factors

# The item number varies for revision surgery. Use 31575 for conversion to sleeve gastrectomy and 31572 for conversion to gastric bypass. In addition 30393 will apply for division of adhesions from the previous surgery.

## Endobarrier does not currently have a medicare item number and is not covered by medicare and private health insurance. Hospital charges and equipment are therefore payable by the patient and are estimated at approximately $6500.

These are the costs for the procedure and does not include consultations, assessment visits or ongoing follow up. Click here to see an example of the costs for our Bariatric Program.

Funding for Out-of-pocket Expenses

If you are having trouble with the “gap” payments there are various options available:

Uninsured Patients

As an uninsured patient the full cost for weight loss surgery starts from $15,000-20,000. The final costs will depend on numerous factors including, any required variations to the procedure, the hospital, the length of stay in hospital and any complications that may require additional treatment. Although the risk of major complications is relatively low, if one occurs it can substantially increase the cost to an uninsured patient. If additional procedures become necessary or intensive care is required the costs can rapidly escalate.

We are therefore unable to offer Bariatric Surgery to uninsured patients.

If you are considering weight loss surgery as an uninsured patient we recommend you take out private health insurance now:

  • A waiting period of 12 months usually applies before your surgery is covered.
  • The majority of your in hospital expenses will be covered saving a substantial amount of money.
  • You will be covered in case of any complications, reoperations and if intensive care is required
  • We can commence your bariatric assessment process in the meantime.
  • Whilst “waiting” you will be supported with diet and lifestyle modification that is required to maximise the potential benefit from surgery
  • Any weight you lose prior to surgery decreases the risk of complications from both the anaesthetic and the procedure itself

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