Bariatric Surgeon

Surgery always carries risks. So, if bariatric surgery is recommended it’s important that you trust your surgeon.
We look at you as a person to help you prepare for any weight loss procedure. That includes the surgery and the lifestyle changes that come with it.
Mr Krishna Epari
Bariatric surgeon Perth

Who to choose as your Bariatric Surgeon in Perth?

If you are suffering from obesity, you deserve the most advanced surgical care. It is important you choose a surgeon with extensive training and experience in all forms of surgery on the upper GI tract (oesophagus, stomach and duodenum).

All of our surgeons have had recognised formal 2 year or more training in surgery of the stomach, oesophagus and duodenum including bariatric and metabolic patients. These included the management of complex open cases and complications associated with surgery or other pathology of the oesophagus and stomach areas. Also we have all had extensive formal recognised training in advanced endoscopy.

Training is the structured development of skills and knowledge related to specific competencies with the aim of developing one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

It is NOT the repeated performance of a procedure.

Think of it like this; if you wanted to learn how to hit a golf ball out of a bunker you would go for instructions from a professional golfer who actually does not hit balls into bunkers that often and when he does gets out in one go should he/she need to. This is as opposed to many of the local golfers at the club who hit many balls into various bunkers and may have many attempts before they hit the ball out of the bunker to where they wanted to.

One is trained and skilled at doing the job properly so when in a situation where they need to they perform the procedure well, efficiently and effectively with good results; the other performs more of the procedure, usually quickly and without enough thought for optimal results.

Bariatric Surgery

Modern weight loss surgery is mainly surgery of the stomach alone or attaching parts of the intestine to the stomach via tiny incisions (keyhole surgery.

Meet Your Bariatric Surgeon

Our bariatric surgeons at Upper GI West bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the practice. They are highly trained Upper GI and Bariatric Surgeons with extensive experience in oesophageal and stomach surgery. They are committed to continuing professional development. They have regularly attended local and international meetings to keep up to date with the latest developments and visited some of the world's leading Surgeons overseas to refine their skills and bring the latest techniques back to Perth.
Upper GI West bariatric surgeon team

Upper GI West Bariatric Surgeons (from left to right):
Mr Krishna Epari, Mr Alan Thomas Mr Sanjeeva Kariyawasam and Assoc Prof Mo Ballal.

Key Points

Experience is crucial when selecting a bariatric surgeon
Your weight loss surgeon can help you decide the best treatment plan for you
Bariatric surgery may be suitable for you even if your BMI is below 30