Revision after gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve revision surgery may be needed if there are issues or your weight loss goals aren’t met. There are various options that your bariatric surgeon can discuss with you.
At Upper GI West, we are not just focused on your surgery. Our experienced bariatric surgeons look at you as a person. We’re here to help you prepare for the surgery and for the lifestyle changes that may come with it.
Mr Alan Thomas
Metabolic surgeon Perth

When do I need a revision after gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a highly effective weight loss procedure.

Some patients may require revision surgery if they have problems after their gastric sleeve or have had inadequate weight loss or weight regain.

"We’re here to help you with any issues you may have. For example, if your gastric sleeve surgery isn’t working for you, we’ll help you find another solution."
Mr Krishna Epari
Bariatric Surgeon Perth:

Revision after gastric sleeve

If a sleeve gastrectomy doesn’t have the desired results, you may need revision surgery. This may also be necessary if acid reflux is a problem.

What are the options for revision after gastric sleeve?

Our experienced team at Upper GI West will discuss the appropriate options. The best choice for you will depend on your circumstances. The options may include:

  • Releasing scar tissue (adhesions) to undo a twist or kink in the stomach tube
  • Re-sleeving may be an option if the original procedure was not made small enough
  • Repairing a hiatus hernia that has developed or recurred after time
  • Converting to a different bariatric and metabolic procedure including roux-en-Y gastric bypass, single anastomosis gastric bypass and SIPS/SADI duodenal switch

What are the outcomes of revision surgery?

Our team of the best bariatric surgeons in Perth are committed to helping your achieve the best possible outcomes. We have carried out many complex primary and revision bariatric procedures. What we have found is that revision surgery can still have excellent outcomes. Some patients may require a more powerful metabolic procedure and some may need multiple procedures effectively control their weight and maintain the health benefits throughout their lifetime.
"You should be aware that complications can occur if there is scarring after your first procedure. However, with our experience we can mitigate the risks of severe complications. Before surgery, we’ll advise you on steps you need to take to prepare and together with our dietitians, we’ll help you achieve the most successful outcomes possible."
Mr Sanjeeva Kariyawasam
Bariatric surgeon Perth

Key Points

Revision after gastric sleeve surgery may be needed if there are persistent issues or your weight loss goals aren’t met
If a sleeve gastrectomy leads to acid reflux, revision surgery might be needed
There are several effective options for revision surgery which your Surgeon will discuss after considering your individual circumstances

If you need revision surgery, we’re ready to help you

When you choose a surgeon for a revision procedure a gastric sleeve, you want someone you can trust. That trust starts with the amount of training your surgeon has had. Our team to specialises in upper-gastrointestinal surgery with at least 2 years of additional training after their General Surgery training.

At Upper GI West you are in qualified and experienced hands. There are always new questions, new research avenues and efforts to improve outcomes. As a group, and as individual surgeons, we keep in tune with the global wave of progress and innovation in revision surgery.

So if you have felt disappointed about your journey after you had a gastric sleeve, come and speak to us about your options including revision surgery.