Bariatric surgery fees

Fees explained

Consultation Fees

Consultations with the surgical specialist, bariatric physician or dietitian are to be paid on the day of service.

Depending on the consultation required, there may be an out of pocket expense.

You may be entitled to claim a rebate from medicare and in many cases our staff can submit this directly to medicare on your behalf and the rebate will be paid direct to your bank account.

Surgeon’s Fee

Prior to surgery, you will be provided with a fee estimation. These fees are based on:

  • The procedure/s required;
  • The complexity of the procedure, and
  • The amount of surgical time it will take to complete the procedure.

Item numbers will be provided in your surgical quote. These item numbers are used to describe the procedure/medical condition to the health funds and Medicare. Each item number has a different rebate amount.

As health fund cover varies, we recommend you check your level of cover with your health fund prior to your operation, and you're expected out of pocket expenses where relevant.

Anaesthetic Fee

We are unable to provide a quote on your anaesthetic fees as anaesthetists are independent practitioners and may have different agreements with various health care funds.

Once a surgical date has been confirmed, we can provide you with your anaesthetist details and you are able to contact their rooms directly with any questions you may have. All anaesthetic fees are generated by the anaesthetist's rooms.

Hospital Fee

The hospital will contact you prior to surgery and will discuss any relevant facility/bed and operating charges.

If you have a private health fund, please check your level of cover as you may be required to pay a hospital excess fee. If this is the case, payment is made the day of your procedure, directly to the hospital in the admission process


Any tissue which may be abnormal or suspicious will be submitted to a pathologist for examination.

There may be an additional need for investigations to be conducted before, during and/or after your operation depending on your surgery.

You will receive a separate account for these tests directly from the pathologist and you should be able to claim a rebate through Medicare and in some cases your private health fund.


You may be prescribed medications to use either in or out of hospital depending on your condition. Some of these medications may be redeemable if you are entitled to a health care card, or if you have sufficient cover with your private health fund.