Gastric Sleeve Cost

"Gastric sleeve cost” depend on various factors. But before any type of bariatric surgery you will need to find out if you are suitable. After that, you should check if your health insurance covers bariatric surgery.
The most expensive Surgeon is not necessarily the best one and you should exercise caution searching for the cheapest. Consider the expertise of the Surgeon, the level of support provided before and after surgery and the coverage if there are any unexpected complications or future issues in determining value for your money and whether you are in safe hands.
Mr Krishna Epari
Bariatric surgeon Perth

What is the cost of a gastric sleeve?

If gastric sleeve surgery is the right option for you, the next big consideration is cost.

Bariatric surgery costs come from several different sources. So, it can be difficult to say exactly how much weight loss surgery will cost. It’s also important that you ensure you have adequate health insurance cover.

Our team here at Upper GI West will be happy to help you negotiate your way through the maze.

Let’s start by giving you an overview here, and if you have any questions please call us for more clarity.

Gastric Sleeve Cost

Complications can lead to additional costs and longer hospital stays. These are rare but must be considered.

Some of the costs include

  • Hospital charges for day procedures or overnight stays
  • Operating theatre costs, including equipment, materials and devices used
  • Fees of the bariatric surgeon and surgical assistant
  • Anaesthetist's fees
  • Fees for any tests, such as X-rays, blood tests and specimens
  • Fees for medications
"To ensure the best results, we will also ask you to attend regular follow up visits. You will also need to see a dietitian for nutritional assessments and ongoing support. That’s because the follow up is important to make sure you enjoy the long-term benefits after your weight loss surgery."
Mr Krishna Epari
Bariatric Surgeon Perth

Gastric Sleeve with Private Health Insurance

The first step is to check whether you have full hospital cover that includes bariatric surgery. If you do, most hospital and equipment charges are usually covered. Depending on your private health policy, there may be an excess amount payable to the hospital. Check with your insurance company in advance to find out if you are covered.

Since April 2019 insurers are required to classify their policies to a minimum standard set by the government. All policies will have in the product name one of the following – Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic, for example Premium Gold Hospital. Most policies will require you to have Gold tier Hospital cover to include bariatric/weight loss surgery.

You will need to quote the relevant medicare item number listed below or contact our staff for other procedures.

Procedure: Sleeve Gastrectomy
Main MBS item number: 31575

To avoid disappointment, you should check from the outset whether your Private Health Insurance covers you for Bariatric Surgery
Mr Alan Thomas
Bariatric surgeon Perth

We also recommend that you maintain your Private Health Insurance after surgery so that we can provide the best aftercare and support. It is not uncommon to require further investigations in future including Gastroscopy or require other procedures including Gallbladder surgery or Hiatus Hernia repair.

If you were to require further revisional surgery then Insurance companies still require you to have cover for bariatric/weight loss surgery even if the main reason is not weight related eg reflux.

If you maintain your Private Health Insurance then we do not charge out-of-pocket gaps for subsequent procedures with your original Surgeon.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses for Gastric Sleeve

Whilst Private Health Insurance will cover the majority of your hospital and theatre expenses there are some other costs that may not be fully covered by your health insurance.

Any excess on your policy will be payable to the hospital on admission.

Medicare and Private Health Insurance may not cover all of your Doctors fees  leaving an amount known as the Gap.

We will provide a detailed quote estimate for your Surgeons and Assistant Fees that specifies the total  amount and the Gap.

Anaesthetists are independent practitioners and they determine their own fees which depend on a variety of factors. When you book a procedure with Upper GI West, we will give you your anaesthetist's details. You can then contact them and get a quote for their services.

You may also receive separate invoices from Pathology and Radiology companies for any blood tests, specimens and imaging required during your admission.

Private Health Insurance generally does not cover the cost of outpatient services such as consultations.  You should allow for the cost of follow consultations

"We recommend that you maintain your Private Health Insurance after surgery. That way you are covered if you were to require further related procedures in future"
Assoc Prof Mo Ballal
Bariatric Surgeon Perth

Gastric Sleeve without Private Health Insurance

We are a private practice and despite the majority of our surgeons having public appointments, we are not able to assess patients and put them on the public system waiting list.

We will selectively see, assess and offer surgery to uninsured (self-financed) patients if considered appropriate and can be done with an acceptable level of risk.

Without Private Health insurance hospital and theatre costs that are beyond our control are the major expense. On average this may be in the vicinity of $20,000-$25,000.

However this does not include unexpected events requiring additional days in hospital, intensive care, or emergency re-operations. Although these are uncommon, you should also have access to at least this additional amount in reserve in case you experience a significant complication.

"If you are uninsured, we strongly recommend taking up the appropriate level of Private Health Insurance and deferring surgery for the 12 month waiting period until your coverage begins. In the interim we can still proceed with our assessment for suitability and help start preparing with lifestyle changes, medical treatment and dietetic support.
Mr Alan Thomas
Bariatric surgeon Perth

Gastric Sleeve for Veterans

We are able to assess and operate on our veteran cardholders should they be deemed suitable for and have coverage for Bariatric surgery and the required Dietetic support services.
"We recognise the contribution that our Vetaran's have made to this country and are pleased to offer our Bariatric services to assist with their Health."
Assoc Prof Mo Ballal
Bariatric Surgeon Perth

Using Superannuation for Gastric Sleeve

You are allowed to access your super for a limited number of reasons. These include treating some medical conditions.

Our team at Upper GI West can't make a recommendation that you use your own super funds for weight loss surgery.

You must fully consider the implications of drawing funds from your super and if necessary seek the advice of a qualified financial planner.

If these are your wishes after your consideration and you are a suitable candidate, our staff will help you with the process. It does not require you to pay any additional fee to a third party organisation to arrange this for you.

Key Points

The cost of gastric sleeve surgery depends on whether you have insurance
It is recommended that you have Private Health Insurance and maintain it after surgery
Check with your Private Health Insurer whether you are covered for gastric sleeve surgery

What do I do if I have more questions about gastric sleeve procedures?

As a patient, your relationship with your surgeon is a relationship of trust. Here at Upper GI West we care about your health and wellbeing, not just the surgery. We talk about your needs, your lifestyle and ways to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Speak to our friendly team about specific requirements or concerns you may have. If you need more information about costs, contact us to find out more. We will do everything we can to support you and help you prepare for your treatment.